Hello! Nice to meet you! Thank you for being here!


Patty Peppe is not my real name. HA! I got you ... It's my nickname.

Peppe was my nickname given during my university years. Since it's a short way to pronounce my last name: Filippe = Peppe


My real name is Patricia Campos Filippe.

 I'm an Italo - Brazilian citizen  born in 1985 in Santos, Brazil.

I live now in The Netherlands.


I graduated in advertisement & marketing (ESPM) in 2007 and my post-graduation  in public relations & journalism in 2011(CASPER LIBERO). There on I extend my bachelor and studied of courses such as  photography, watercolor techniques, graphic design, sport marketing, hospitality and sustainable management. I've also worked with completely unusual things like as Disney staff , in a cruise line traveling around the world until a marketing analyst or athlete career management.


Do you think it's too much?

Perhaps it is, but let's face it . Life it's short to regret lost opportunities. I love to learn new things and I would study even more if I have the opportunity. I believe that knowledge diversifies amplifies our capacities of solving problems and with a different perspective.


How did Patty Peppe from a nickname become a Creative Studio? 



Art has always been in my life. For me, like the air I breath. Art is part of me.

But as a self-taught and curious by nature I never stopped drawing, writing and photographing and gradually I was also taking technical courses in painting and photography.

When I studied advertising, drawing was an important talent for the creative field, but with technology it lost its value in this area. But during college, the academic center already gave me some freelance works for logos and party posters. At 18 years old I worked at the University Publicity Agency creating ads for government organizations such as firefighters and the police.
Then I ended up going more into marketing than creation.

Back this time, I used painted with leftover charcoal on the walls and for my mother's joy and relief, I switched to watercolor, as it was easier to clean. And I fell in love with watercolor and mixing natural paints and having the freedom to mix with other painting techniques.
In 2013, I was in 5th place in the Sustainable art award at the BenchMarking Event. Today, I'm part of the permanent collection of the Museu do Tietê in São Paulo.

After many years of painting, friends and family thought I should exhibit. My first individual art sample was in 2012, called Casulo Mundo with 26 paintings.

Now in The Netherlands in 2019, I had the chance to exhibit in Inntel Hotels Eindhoven Art Gallery with 12 Painting and in Enschede at Ons Restaurant.

Living in a lovely small city in The Netherlands called Enschede, I started making illustrations about the city and the region anf giving workshops about natural colors painting.

My next step is focus more in custom materials for B2B .



In Brazil for almost 4 years I worked with Sport Marketing & media and always needed to make a pair of photos to promoting our sport events. And little by little the photography hobby became work.

I started freelancing at sporting events on weekends and during the week I worked at the agency as a communication and sports media analyst.

After 2 years and 2 courses in technical photography, I became a professional press photography reporter, especially photographing and writing articles about sport, art & culture.

In 2012 I took courage and opened PattyPeppe as a micro company in Brazil.

After moving to The Netherlands I closed the micro company in Brazil and  opened it in The Netherlands as a entrepreneur.

Now PattyPeppe is a Creative Studio for worldwide media content - photography - illustration


My Mission
It's is to leave constructive experiences to people and the world.
Not just creating products, photographing life in movement  but share with humanity love, generosity and preserving nature.

That is why my first projects were always to support a causes and friends. 

My intention is to help not only myself as an individual but what surround my life.

My dream is to  return a part to help indigenous projects and environmental reforestation in Brazil.





"I'd rather be this walking metamorphosis than have that old idea about the world".

Raul Seixas