*Exploring My Authentic Universe*

Hello! I'm Patty Peppe, a Brazilian-born creative currently based in The Netherlands.

I hold degrees in Advertising & Marketing and Public Relations & Journalism, complemented by various courses in photography, design, and management.

From my university days to diverse professional roles—including stints with Disney and as a marketing analyst—I've embraced learning and exploration.

*Illustrations:* Art has always been my passion. From charcoal sketches to watercolor masterpieces, I've honed my skills, earning accolades and showcasing my work in prestigious collections


*Photography & Media Content:* What started as a hobby evolved into a profession, blending my expertise in sports marketing with photography. I founded PattyPeppe as a micro company, later expanding it into a global Creative Studio specializing in visual storytelling.

*Mission:* My journey isn't just about creating; it's about weaving purpose into every brushstroke and shutter click.

Through my art, I strive to evoke raw emotions, ignite conversations, and inspire action towards a more compassionate and sustainable world.

My heart beats for supporting indigenous communities and championing environmental stewardship, with a deep-rooted commitment to leaving this planet better than I found it.


"I'd rather be this walking metamorphosis than have that old idea about the world".

Raul Seixas