2014  OVERCOME- Unsung Heroes

Location: Shopping Iguatemi Campinas - Livraria Cultura

20 athletes and 3 sport groups were registered in this Exhibition on the overcoming of athletes who practice modalities unknown to the general public.

I had the opportunity to get to know some of them more close and understand their financial struggles and the lack of sponsorship support in Brazil. 

I reunite images and voluntary promote them in the press to help to support their sports, stories and victories; Unsung Heroes.

About me: Since 2012 I'm a professional press sport photographer and I had to chance to meet many athletes during 3 years working for a Sport agency in Campinas.

2009  Habitudes

In a contest of photograph I won the opportunity to exhibit my photos. This was before social media explode with selfies and travel photos.I had no idea that something like this would become viral 5 years after this exhibition.

For 1 year I travel around the world working in a cruise ship.

My goal as a young curious adult was to get know cultures and countries and at least visit 25 countries before my 25 years old.

And I did.

My camera sometimes was just a analog canon camera.

My photos were a register about having a habit and a positive atitude brings a home feeling to the unknown. 

That anywhere can be home. Jumping place to place, made jump my place. Where any ground can be fertil to grow love if you keep a good habit and attitude to others around you.